Designing Organizations that Engage Generations Together

lot of buzz has been created in regards to creating multigenerational churches and organizations. Zach Yentzer believes churches and organizations are moving in the right direction but they’re focusing on the wrong thing.

Rather than multigenerational, organizations and churches need to focus on helping the generations engage together and not just exist together. This shift in mindset is slight but makes a major impact on the organizations who get the intergenerational concept.

That’s why Zach is on the Answers From Leadership podcast. He’s ready to share the message churches and organizations need to engage the generations together.

the move from multi-generational to inter-generational


Show Notes:

Zach, what else do you want listeners to know about you?

The latest, most exciting thing is our family expanded. My wife and I just had our first little baby girl.

How would you define leadership?

My definition of leadership is someone who can offer a clear vision and the tools to execute on the vision.

Your new book Creative recently released, can you tell us what Creative is all about?

The book is trying to offer a bigger why and propose a better way for engaging this current generation, the millennials in the church.

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