How To Build A Massive Social Media Following With Bobby Umar Answers From Leadership Episode 41

We all know social media has become an important part of our lives, even our businesses. Yet many leaders are reluctant to join social media and begin using it to enhance their reach.

Why is it people are scared of social media? That’s what Bobby Umar and I discuss in this episode of the Answers From Leadership podcast.

I dig deep with Bobby, a social media wizard who has close to half a million followers, about the dangers and benefits of social media, what one can do to quickly grow their social media following, and more.

Building a social media presence is important for leaders


Show Notes

Is there anything else you’d like listeners to know about you?

You got that pretty well. I focus on networking, personal branding, and social media. Those are the things that I care about. And helping stuck or lost leaders and people who feel unfulfilled. That’s what I do.

In your helping of leaders, do you have a definition of leadership?

Yeah, there’s lots of variables in how people define leadership. I would define leadership as anything and everything you do to evolve as a person to better yourself and better your teams and better the world.

How has social media impacted your leadership?

The biggest thing that social media has done for me is to amplify the reach of my voice and my content/message. The second thing it has helped me build a huge thought-leadership brand.

I think I’ve had more impact with social media. Social media has been huge in building a legacy.

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