How To Have Creative Conversations

Creative conversations... What do creative conversations look like? How can you have more creative conversations? What do you do if your conversation partner is considered an adversary?

Brit Poulson and I sat down to discuss these important questions regarding creative conversations. And Brit knows a bit about creative conversations.

He's the author of The Clarity Compass: See More Clearly. Have Creative Conversations. Live the Life you Want. Brit is also the owner and principal of Clarity Compass Consulting where he specializes in transformative coaching and leadership programs.

Creative conversations with Brit Poulson Answers From Leadership podcast


Brit, what else would you like listeners to know about you?

I'd like them to know that even though I'm doing business work and leadership consulting work, my overall approach is a psychological approach. I start on the cognitive level and then work down to deep understandings of the world.

And how would you define leadership?

I'd define leadership as making a significant difference that wouldn't have been there otherwise.

One of the benefits readers of The Clarity Compass should walk away with is the ability to have more creative conversations. What is a creative conversation?

A creative conversation is one where you're actually opening up the possibilities. We come into conversations with specific outcomes in mind. Creative conversations open a third conversation.

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