Leading In Difficult Times With Steve Armstrong - Answers From Leadership Episode 31

Steve Armstrong is a Calgary-based speaker, educator, and consultant. He's skilled at helping leaders develop followers into leaders and building dedicated, loyal, and remarkable teams.

Through the lessons learned from 35 years as a leader, soldier, and humanitarian, Steve has the unique ability to inspire and teach others to lead.

Leadership requires you to lead in tough times

Show Notes:

Steve, what else do you want listeners to know about you?

A couple of things is after a 22-year army career and retiring as a company sergeant major and a career with the Canadian Red Cross, I've spent the last couple of years teaching and developing others to become a better leader.

What does leadership look like to you?

It's not a bunch of old, dead white guy quotes. To me, leadership is actually accomplishing something. Leadership skills come from motivating and engaging people.

Can you share some of your experiences leading in the tough times of disasters?

There's 2 things I would say. One is to be clear about what you know what you're there to do. Explain in clear language what each person is there to do.

Mostly, as the leader, in those situations, you state the objective but you have to trust the people will get it done.

The other thing around this is if someone has done a good job, then that's good enough.

I have to trust people will do their job. It might not be the way I would do it. That's okay.

If you'd like the rest of the show notes for today's episode, please go to http://www.jmlalonde.com/031.

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