Overcoming The Overwhelm With Beth Beutler - Answers From Leadership Episode 25

Beth Beutler is the guest on today's Answers From Leadership podcast. Beth is virtual assistant, consultant, author, speaker. She helps principle-centered yet overwhelmed professionals excel.

Today, we discussed overcoming the overwhlem, and becoming a more productive leader.

What else would you have listeners know about you?

In a very specific way, the roles I play are a collaborative virtual assistant, a business soft skills trainer, and a blogger and writer.

I write on helping overwhelmed professionals excel. That's where the name H.O.P.E comes from in my business name of H.O.P.E. Unlimited.

I was also a long-time church employee.

Why do you consider yourself a leader?

I feel like I was born a leader in some ways. I was born an only child, married an only child, and am a parent to an only child.

I think only children have to lead at a young age because they have to come up with their own fun and be creative.

Then I've had positions in my career where I was placed into positions of management. And now with my own business, I feel like I lead myself!

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If you would like the rest of today's show notes, go to jmlalonde.com/025.
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