Supporting Our Servicemen And Veterans During The Holidays With Dan Dwyer - Answers From Leadership Episode 027

The guest for today's show is Dan Dwyer. Dan has spent time as an army officer and retired 10 years ago. He's now helping guide leaders and organizations to achieve transformational results.

We can help support the men and women in our armed forces this holiday and Christmas season


Show Notes:

Dan, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I spent 22 as an army officer. I'm a paternal twin and my twin brother still serves in the navy, he's in his 32nd year. We were raised by our aunt and uncle.

This month will be 10 years since I took off the uniform.

Most of my focus is on leadership development at That's really my passion.

We'd discussed on LinkedIn about today's topic: Leading veterans and servicemen in the workplace...

Yeah, particularly this time of the year, as leaders, we have to be mindful of some of the stressors, typically the holiday season, both at peacetime and especially the last decade plus, it's been where suicides have increased.

You have to watch out for those indicators. And, as a leader, put some effort on suicide prevention.

The challenges aren't always with service members themselves. There are risk signs and warning factors for family members as well.

And a lot of organizations, I know certainly, in the military and some organizations in corporate America are starting to stand up and look at resiliency programs.

You said there are some warning signs leaders should be aware of. What are some of those warning signs?

When a service member presents, he or she can present any of the combination of the following and recognize them.

Discussions not necessarily with leaders but with peers about thoughts of suicide or killing someone else.
Discussions or anecdotes about giving away property or disregard for what happens to one's property.
Sometimes they'll withdraw from friends and activities.
Sometimes they'll have troubles with their boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.
Any abnormal actions. Acting bizarre or unusual.
Misconduct or a significant change in performance in the workplace.
You start seeing or hearing about financial problems.

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