The Amazing Power Of Kindness

Do you believe kindness can change one person? And then that one person can change the world?

Leon Logothetis watched The Motorcycle Diaries and a thought popped into his head. He wanted to see if he could travel around the world on the kindness of strangers. This birthed The Kindness Diaries, a book and an original series on Netflix where Leon travels the globe on Kindness One relying on the kindness of others.

After being introduced to The Kindness Diaries by my author friend Brian Lund, I knew I had to have Leon on the show to talk about the amazing power of kindness. Kick back, pop in your headphones, and listen to this great episode of Answers From Leadership.

Leon Logothetis shares how kindness has changed his life

Show Notes:

Leon, what else would you like listeners to know about you?

I support the Liverpool football club. I'm a big soccer fan. And I love connecting with people.

So... What inspired you to do the Kindness Diaries? Did you think people would be kind enough to get you across the United States and the world?

The Motorcycle Diaries was the first foray into traveling around the world on kindness. I was a broker and I felt disconnected with no sense of purpose.

There was something about Che's travels around South America where he relied on the kindness of strangers that touched me. So I started to travel.

What did you discover about kindness as you traveled across the country on your motorcycle Kindness One?

The thing that I found predominantly about traveling around the world was that ultimately people were all the same. By that, I mean we simply want to be seen. We want to be heard. And we want to be loved.

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The simplest way to do that is to be kind. By being kind, we make someone else feel less alone.

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