Building, Keeping, And Transferring Credibility In Leadership

Credibility is a powerful factor in any leader's life. Without credibility, people will struggle to find a reason to follow you. When you have credibility, people realize you get things done.

Susan M. Barber, our guest today on Answers From Leadership, knows a thing or two about building, keeping, and transferring credibility. And that's what Susan and I discuss in episode 35 of Answers From Leadership.

Susan Barber on Building, Keeping, And Transferring Credibility In Leadership


Show Notes

Susan, what else would you like listeners to know about you?

No, you did a great job introducing me.

How would you define leadership?

I define leadership as inspiring others with a shared vision. Empowering them to deliver objectives and having integrity.

What's interesting is helping people achieve things they didn't even think as possible.

As people develop, they begin to move into new roles...

Yeah, that's the hard part. You develop them and make them so great that they go somewhere else.

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