The Power Of Living And Leading With Intention

I'm thrilled to introduce today's guest on the Answers From Leadership podcast to you. I've known Chris Jordan for awhile on Facebook and other social media platforms. There's something about Chris that is so authentic and genuine. And I wanted you to get to know him.

So, without further ado, let's get to the podcast episode!

Intentional living will change your life


Show Notes

Chris, let our listeners know about you today.

A lot of it is done out of a passion for people. I want to see people reach their potential and beyond that.

One reason we started our business was because people weren't living their dreams. We help people to live their dreams.

We help people recognize the gift they've been given. Then how to use it in the world.

How does being intentional impact the way we lead?

Any time you're in a business organization or team, if you're not valuing people they're not going to work at a level that is needed. That takes intentionality. It takes you initiating that relationship and growth.

You have to make a decision to be intentional in developing those relationships. Intentional in sharing your vision and working with people. It works the same with family or business or anything you do.

Can you expand on the thought of family and business are intertwined?

There's a thought process out there that says "My personal life is just that: Personal. They integrity that I carry in my business life has nothing to do with my personal life."

The truth of the matter is that your personal life and business life should mirror each other if you want to be seen as an authentic leader. There's a trust and integrity issue when you're living life completely different in your personal life and it just doesn't fly in this world today.

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